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Митчелл, Элин


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Годы жизни: 1913 - 2002

Elyne Mitchell, OAM (born Sibyl Elyne Chauvel; 30 December 1913 Melbourne, Victoria - 4 March 2002 Corryong, Victoria) was an Australian author noted for the Silver Brumby series of children`s novels. Her nonfiction works draw on family history and culture.

Her novels describe eastern Australian terrain and wildlife in considerable detail. She was part of a wave of nationalist Australian writing that gathered strength in the late 1930s and 1940s and her work is generally described as having a landscape aesthetic. Although the horses and other animals in her books speak to each other, they are not anthropomorphic and particularly in the first two Silver Brumby books, otherwise behave naturally.

Elyne Mitchell was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for services to literature in 1988, and in 1993, Charles Sturt University awarded her an Honorary Doctorate of Letters. She also won Children`s Book Council awards. She often illustrated her work with her own photographs.

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